Friday, December 7, 2012

A few Instagram's

My cousin asked me, how does Mexico looks like ? So I went out and took a few pictures with my telephone. Here is the result of this 30 minutes walk in the Col. del Valle neighborhood.

Oxygen bar ad on James Bond poster- I like the "95% pure" which could make you think you`ll breath raw oxygen.
I don't know what this tall green thing is, but there is a "Greek" hotel on the other side of the streer, El Greco !
A weird and ugly sculpture made of pipes.
The menu of a little restaurant, lot's of french names ! (openWiFi at this spot too).

Large houses in this area.
Laaaarge house.
Behind the doors. Note the Chrismas lights.
No sh1t, this is Mexico city !
No rain in December.
Another laaaarge house.

A universidad, Greek style
My right foot :(

Ana Victoria, must be Mexican...
The pavement
I hope you enjoyed this little walk in my neighborhood !

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  1. I think the big green plant is an agave, as in the stuff tequila is made from...