Monday, December 10, 2012

Meeting friends, listening to music, drinking beers

Lorely and I were sitting on the terrace of a restaurant in the evening, drinking our beer when suddenly a guy behind her turned on our side and asked Lorely ?. This is how I met Daniel, a friend of Lorely she didn't see for more than 10 years. They start talking together about the good old times, and meanwhile I texted Miguel, a young cinematographer I met when he surfed my couch in Paris in 2012 (he was invited to the Cannes Film Festival). I knew he was here too because he had seen the following picture I had posted on facebook :

Sunday evening dancing in the zocalo in Merida.

and asked me are you in Merida ??? He must have figured it out from the background of the picture maybe ?
He was there for a few days, because he had the opportunity to buy cheap plane tickets, this was his excuse anyway. A little bit later he joined us with his brother, Carlos. It was the third time I was meeting Miguel,  once and always in a different city : Paris, Mexico city, Merida.

At some point the musicians who were playing next to the restaurant doors were invited by Daniel to come have a beer with us. Miguel & Carlos then played a couple of songs together :

Carlos (left) and Miguel (right).
It was a very nice ans lovely evening, warm weather, friendly people, everybody was very happy.
Finally, after a few more beers, enough for the waiter to be confused who had been drinking what, everybody returned home.

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