The Master Plan


Five destinations planned, from Paris France :

  1. Mexico city
  2. Merida (Mexico)
  3. Panama, Panama
  4. Montevideo, Uruguay
  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paris - Merida - Panama - Motevideo - Buenos Aires : 17 000 Km

Mexico city

This is where my girlfriend lives since 3 years. Compared to Paris, Mexico DF is :

  • 10 times bigger (1500 km2 vs 105 km2)
  • 8.8 M inhabitants in Mexico DF vs 2.2M in Paris
  • 21 196 hab./km2 in Paris (very dense city) but only 6 000 hab./km2 for Mexico DF.
  • Altitude : Mexico 2400 m, Paris... about 100m.
There are so many things to visit in Mexico that I can't list them all !

Merida (Yucatan)

I'll visit Merida and the surrounding archaeological sites. The most well known is Chichen Itza, of course.


I want to see the construction of the new set of locks.


Visit my girlfriend's sister who lives in Montevideo.


Buenos Aires is a few kilometers from Montevideo : I can't miss it !

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