Monday, December 10, 2012

Behind the walls of the hospitals

Lorely worked 10 years with Maya women victim of cervical cancer (cancer de l'uterus in French). We arrived Saturday, and a few days later she had to see a Maya woman who was coming from her village to Merida to discuss her latest tests results with an oncologist. While the women were talking together I exchanged a few words with her husband. I only know a few words of Spanish and his Mayan is better than his Spanish, it was quite fun.
A few days later I went to an hospital because Lorely wanted to know what some women had become since a year.
In both occasions I took the following Instagrams.

Centro Oncologico de Merida. Note the logo.

The old autoclave (door).
The beautiful house next to the COM.
The second center.

Unfortunately we had to go to a third hospital...

There is one assistant in front of each doctor's office.

What is Medecina Critica, I have no idea. I don't want to have to cross this door though.

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