Friday, July 20, 2012

About packing


Last year I bought a large but very light Suitcase : it costed me an eye and an arm but I plan to use it for years. Since Lorely was in Paris for 2 months she had bought some stuff like cute dresses, shoes, and so on. All that new stuff couldn't fit in her suitcase so they ended in mine.

Wake up. Eat breakfast. Take the tramway. Find a taxi.

About 40 minutes later we were at the Roissy - Charles de Gaulle airport.

So far so good.

Now comes the time when check in your baggage. You usually enjoy that moment since it means that you won't have to push the luggage cart any more - the one you carefully chose because it looked cleaner than the others but has one wheel half stuck which makes it total hell to drive unless you want to go in circles. Here is how it went :

  1. Lift the beast (see picture)
  2. Throw it on the check in conveyor
  3. Smile stupidly at the beautifully dressed lady behind the desk
  4. Hear something like "your luggage is overweight by 2.5 Kg, so unless you remove things from it you'll have to pay an extra fee of... 100 euros".

I'm not making that up, this is the real cost !

So here I am, moving the beast back from the weighting conveyor, putting it on the ground, opening it in front of 148 people, and try to locate what could be small, heavy, and could fit in a backpack. Finally the solution was to remove a bag and put some shoes in it.

That made the Air France lady happy and my shoulder painful.







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