Monday, July 16, 2012

How To Badly Choose Your Seat

747-400 Air France

There is one great resource on the internet call SeatGuru, it's also a smartphone app, for those interested.
Cleverly used it allows you to choose a good seat... Not exactly what I did.
See the red box row 48 ? This is where I'll be seated. Total winnage lossage.

The thing is that the only info I used was "boeing 747-400", and this is NOT enough. You must now :

  • the exact flight number (eg. AF438)
  • the airline name (eg. Air France)

several flights could match, SeatGuru will display a table like this one :

Flight choices

You must triple check everything, because the seats are VERY different from one company to the other.

I thought I would have been in some green spot. I won't.

I don't know the 747, but it seems that the upper deck is even better, but Air France charges a little bit more to have a seat there.

747-400 upper deck

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