Monday, July 23, 2012

Mexico city, cars' kingdom

A friend of Lorely was waiting for us at the airport. She drove us to Lorely's apartment, a 30 minutes drive maybe ?

The first thing I noticed was the cars : it seemed to me that the streets were crowded by only 2 different types of vehicles, namely :

  1. large SUV's (Chevrolet, Land Rover, etc.) or luxurious cars (Mercedes, Audi, etc.),
  2. VW Beetles (or any little old car in the worse condition you ever saw). Most taxis are very small cars.
Type 1 cars make the streets look like the (wealthy area of) USA, while the type 2 more like some Indian suburb I guess.

Black beetle car
Custom lock.
The Mexican beetle
The Mexican beetle
I cannot say the Mexican driver drives badly, they just ignore all the rules but seem less aggressive than the Parisian species. Also I suspect that they confuse the horn with the accelerator pedal. Another theory is that like dolphins or whales their cars have their own way of communicating with each other.

Forgetting that cars can turn right at the red light when the light is red can kill you. Also, like in the USA, the red light is on the other side of the intersection.

Green light, green car.
Red already ? Who cares.
Crossing Insurgentes
As you can see on the picture above medium sized cars are the majority in the city.

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